MSP Anywhere via WINE

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MSP Anywhere is a Team-viewer like windows app that offers you control over a windows system. WINE is a windows emulator that allows installing and running of windows apps. This guide provides information about setting up and using of MSP Aniwhere with WINE.


Firstly we need to set up WINE if we haven't done this on a previous occasion.

1.Setting up 32 bit architecture

 sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386 -> enable 32-bit arch 

2.WINE Installation

Key setup:

wget -nc
sudo apt-key add Release.key 


sudo apt-add-repository
sudo apt update
sudo apt install wine-stable winehq-stable
sudo apt install winetricks


export WINEARCH=win32

3.Installing MSP Anywhere

download via official site:

Install and run via WINE (it will operate automatically so all you need to do is to click it.)

Use Case

Opening a new session

1. Open the console


3.1. instruct the client to go to and enter the PIN code from OPTION 1

3.2. provide them the link in the OPTION 2 pannel

4. the client will then download an app. instruct them to run it as an administrator

5. chose the "desktop control" tab from the newly opened window and chose "Client will provide authentication" option.

6. instruct your client to click accept on the pop-up that had presented to them. this will restart the app.

7. as soon as the app restarts, click the "desktop control" tab again and proceed with your endeavors.


The new window that appears as the client offers a conection gets locked in the minimized state

Ask your client to restart the app in administrator mode.

The link does not work for your client

Ask them to use another browser. Chrome is known to work.


[1] -> msp anywhere official site

[2] -> WINE official site

[3] -> detailed and explained WINE configuring instructions