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  • keep pages shorter rather than longer;
  • split up longer pages by heading
  • embed commands and scripts etc. into the page using <code></code> tags, or for single lines using a preceding " " - this makes the command or code easier to see and easier to copy/paste into new setups, and also preserves most (all) special characters
  • commands should also have "# " before the command to make the difference between commands and configuration lines clearer e.g.
# reboot
  • use
    instead of an tag open < to display the tag as text
  • link to other existing pages/sections rather than reproducing the info in line in your page

Template example

To keep the pages in order the next template is recommended:

1) Context

  • Short description of the subject guide content

2) Step-by-step Guide

  • Example of steps:

a) requirements b) installation c) configuration d) alternative configuration

3) Use Cases (where possible)

4) Troubleshooting

5) Biblio

  • links to information sources:guides, manuals, forums

More information about wiki formatting can be found on the User's Guide.